Here are all the applicants and 3 shortlisted candidates in each category for the ISCA AWARDS 2021.

Stay tuned for the public voting for the winner in the Role Model category to start around 1 October, and follow the announcement of the winners of all categories at the Award Show on 17 November, coinciding with the opening of ISCAs MOVE Congress.

See the applicants and shortlist and vote for the winner of the IRTS role model category.

IRTS Cross-Sector Partnership


Applicant: FUDELA - Fundacion de las Americas para el Desarrollo, Ecuador
Applicant: Sport and culture association „NEW START“, Austria
Applicant: Kraainem Football Club, Belgium
Applicant: Liberi Nantes ASD, Italy
Applicant: Run Free, Belgium
Applicant: Malta Football Association, Malta
Applicant: ARSIS - Association for the Social Support of Youth, Greece
Applicant: ASD Intrecciante, Italy
Applicant: Ballafon Società Cooperativa Sociale, Italy
Applicant: Hope Foundation, Cameroon
Applicant: ARDHIS, France
Applicant: New Ross Celtic AFC, Irelnad
Applicant: RF-SISU VG (West) Sweden, Sweden
Applicant: RF-SISU VG (West), Sweden
Applicant: Bonyan for Youth and Development legally registered as BÜNYAN GENÇLİK VE KALKINMA DERNEĞİ, Turkey
Applicant: DGI and Danish Red Cross, Denmark
Applicant: PEPA/NGO-Pleaders of Children and Elderly People at risk, Uganda
Applicant: Estudiantes, UK
Applicant: European Football for Development Network, Netherlands
Applicant: CAP Ciudad de Murcia, Spain
Applicant: LaLiga (Spanish Football League), Egypt
Applicant: The new channel integration program tcn's, Cyprus
Applicant: Capoeira4Refugees, Syria
Applicant: American Football For African Mission (AFFAM), Nigeria

Integration of Women and Girl Refugees Through Sport


Applicant: Support group network - SGN, Sweden
Applicant: PlayTogetherNow, Austria
Applicant: Champions ohne Grenzen e.V., Germany
Applicant: HÁ, Germany
Applicant: ONE TEAM, Germany
Applicant: Bike Bridge e.V., Germany
Applicant: International Olympic Truce Centre, Greece
Applicant: Huis voor Beweging, Netherlands
Applicant: Youth Sport Uganda, Uganda
Applicant: Kabubu, France
Applicant: Monaliiku, Finland
Applicant: JUNO, Germany
Applicant: Kicken ohne Grenzen – Education through Football, Austria
Applicant: Girl Power, Denmark
Applicant: Cisarua Refugee Shotokan Karate Club (CRSKC), Indonesia
Applicant: Yoga and Sport with Refugees, Greece
Applicant: Sport-Aid Development Trust, Zambia
Applicant: Associació Esportiva Ramassà, Spain
Applicant: Nagin Ravand, Denmark
Applicant: Ballaghaderreen FC, Ireland
Applicant: RF-SISU Västra Götaland (West district), Sweden
Applicant: AALUA, Uganda

IRTS innovation during Covid-19


Applicant: FUDELA, Ecuador
Applicant: Peace and Sport, Monaco
Applicant: Youth Sport Trust International, UK
Applicant: Futbol Más France, France
Applicant: Netball America Inc., USA
Applicant: I CAN South Sudan, Uganda

*Please note that Khalida Popal is in the IRTS Awards jury. As she/her organisation has also been nominated for awards, we have made sure that she has not been voting in those categories.