Call for Applications – ISCA Awards 2018

ISCA Awards 2018: MOVEment Spaces

Recognising partnerships that have transformed urban spaces into active spaces

We want to celebrate YOUR achievements – so you should too

Humans have a fundamental right to be active, but today’s urban environments are stripping us of active open spaces and restricting us with dangers and barriers that make it harder to keep moving.

What does it take to reimagine urban spaces as opportunities for people to be active every day?

It takes innovative ideas. It takes motivation and courage to put these ideas into motion. And it takes partnerships with the right stakeholders to make them happen.

We want to celebrate your work. So in 2018, ISCA is awarding alliances who have reimagined and transformed urban spaces into active spaces. We call these spaces MOVEment Spaces because they enable citizens to enjoy their human right to MOVE.

Gain visibility and recognition for your achievements
  • ALL eligible applicants will have their initiatives listed on the ISCA Awards webpage.
  • ALL shortlisted finalists will have a description of their initiative on the webpage.
  • ALL winners (represented by the applicant’s partners) will be awarded a trip to Paris to showcase their work on the international stage, and be announced as winners via international PR.
Professional development opportunity
  • The winning alliance will have a unique opportunity for high quality training and expert advice to develop their successful initiative even further.
Applying is a win-win for your organisation and your partnership
  • Shortlisted partnerships will be recognised as leaders in the field of active urban space initiatives.
  • No matter how far you come in the process, you can use your application to celebrate your achievements internally and in your partnership.

This is a call for applications from alliances of different stakeholders that have taken a coordinated approach to delivering physical activity opportunities in three categories of urban spaces:

  • Green spaces (parks and other green areas)
  • Black spaces (paved and asphalt spaces, including squares and roads)
  • Blue spaces (anywhere there is water, such as lakes, rivers or harbours)

The combination of stakeholders can be from a variety of sectors including sport, health, leisure, education, transport, urban planning, architecture, local authorities, business and community groups.

Our expert panel will award partnerships that demonstrate well-documented proof of success in working towards a common vision, meeting their objectives, having an impact on their communities, and exploring potential for their initiatives to be transferred to or replicated in different contexts.

We will also open the voting to the public, and present one people’s choice award to one of the nominees from the “green”, “black” and “blue” spaces categories.

What will be awarded to the winning partnerships?

  • The winning applicants will be presented with innovative, tangible awards reflecting the green, black and blue themes in Paris on 23 November at the MOVING People – MOVING Europe conference.
  • A representative of each partnership will win a trip to Paris to receive the award, covering the flight, accommodation and conference fee.
  • The winning alliance will have a unique opportunity for high quality training and expert advice to develop their successful initiative even further.
  • ISCA will support the winning and shortlisted alliances in their local PR efforts to promote their awards and nominations.

Eligibility criteria

General features of the partnership
  • Applications are open to organisations, individuals and institutions worldwide. The partnerships can be local, national or international.
  • The main applicant should be the organisation, individual or institution that initiated or who leads the partnership. They will apply on behalf of the whole partnership/stakeholder alliance.
  • The partnership must include stakeholders from at least two sectors. E.g. sport, health, leisure, education, transport, urban planning, architecture, local authorities, business and community groups.
  • The main focus of the partnership is to create active spaces in urban settings or transform existing spaces into active spaces
  • It showcases one of the following categories:
    • Green spaces: Parks and any other green spaces located in a city or suburban area. E.g. Parks that are renovated with facilities or activities that enable the general public to easily use them, take part and be active.
    • Black spaces: Any paved or asphalt space, including (but not limited to) public squares, roads/streets, paths, built-up areas in a city or suburban area. E.g. Cycle paths or other infrastructure promoting active transport, street sport facilities, “open gyms”.
    • Blue spaces: Open water facilities that increase public access to the waterfront or promote water-related active leisure activities in any other way. E.g. Activities or aquatic facilities on rivers, harbours or lakes.

If you would like more information or are unsure about your eligibility to apply, please contact MOVEment Spaces Project Manager Saska Benedicic Tomat

Award criteria

The partnership
  • The lead partner has brought together different and perhaps uncommon actors in collaborative action and a common vision to bring about change.
  • The partnership has clear and realistic strategic goals/objectives, and the actions taken support the achievement of those goals.
  • The role of each partner is clear and relevant.
Innovation and quality
  • The initiative aims to deliver an innovative solution to a relevant challenge in the urban setting. Innovation can be in terms of the partnership behind the initiative, the use of or development of the physical space, the involvement of participants, the activities, etc.
  • The initiative involves local citizens in consultation or allows them to play an active role in the development and promotion of the initiative.
  • The initiative is accessible to community members free of charge or at very low cost.
Impact, measurement and sustainability
  • The initiative has pre-defined indicators of success, aligned with the goals/objectives
  • The initiative measures its impact accordingly, and have already demonstrated some successes at the time of application
  • There is a realistic plan for the long-term sustainability of the initiative (organisationally, financially etc.)
  • There is potential to transfer or replicate the initiative in other locations and/or contexts, or this has already been done.

Application and selection process

  1. Application Form. Please complete your application by using this form and submit it no later than 10 September 2018.
    • The number of words should not exceed 400 words in each section. The full application needs to fit into the application form. No additional documents are required, but you may provide links to relevant websites for the initiative or other online sources.
    • If you wish to include images in your application form, please include a link to where we can access them (on a website, Google Drive, Dropbox folder, etc.)
  2. Checklist. To make sure you are ready to fill in the application form, check if you are eligible to apply, fulfil the criteria and have answers to all questions in the form.
  3. Notification from ISCA. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when your application is submitted and you will be notified of the results of the application and selection process.
  4. Need help or advice? If you have any questions regarding this form or your application, please contact MOVEment Spaces Project Manager Saska Benedicic Tomat
  5. Selection:
    • All applications will be assessed by a group of multi-stakeholder experts by 20 September 2018 and 3 applications per category will be shortlisted (Green, Black and Blue) on 30 September 2018.
    • The multi-stakeholder experts team will select 3 winners (1 per category) and announce them on 10 October 2018.
    • The people’s choice award voting will start among all shortlisted applications online on 30 September 2018 and will run until 9 October 2018.
    • Full period: The ISCA Award 2018 application and selection process runs from 23 May to 10 October 2018. The winners will be announced on 10 October 2018.
  6. Awards ceremony:
    • Winners will be invited to the ISCA Awards 2018 celebration in Paris, 23 November 2018.
    • One person per winning partnership will have their trip to Paris covered by the organisers. ISCA will cover the flight, accommodation and event participation.

Evaluation process

  • ISCA will judge the eligibility of the applications based on the eligibility guidelines outlined above and the “General features of the partnership criteria”.
  • The multi-stakeholder group will evaluate the applications based on the full list of criteria to select a shortlist of applications for each of the three main categories (Green, Black and Blue).
  • The “People’s Choice” voting will determine one winner of the fourth award from the shortlisted Green, Black and Blue categories.
  • The multi-stakeholder group will select the winners from the Green, Black and Blue categories.

How will the Award be delivered?

The ISCA Awards 2018 will be presented to the representatives of the winning partnerships at the MOVING People – MOVING Europe conference on Friday 23 November 2018 in Paris.

23 MAY 2018 Call for applications opens
10 SEPTEMBER 2018 Deadline for submission of applications
30 SEPTEMBER 2018 Selection of the shortlisted candidates; Public voting starts
9 OCTOBER 2018 Public voting closes
10 OCTOBER 2018 Announcement of the winners
23 NOVEMBER 2018 ISCA Awards 2018 celebration in Paris


If you would like more information about the ISCA Awards 2018,
please contact MOVEment Spaces Project Manager - Saska Benedicic Tomat