Citizen's choice for IRTS Role Model

Shortlisted candidates for "IRTS Role model (citizens' choice)"

IRTS Role model (citizens' choice)


Name of Role Model Organisation Country Name of the nominator
Applicant: Shokat Walizadeh Sport and culture association „NEW START" Austria Shokat Walizadeh
Applicant: Gibril Deen Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights Organization Hungary Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights Organisation
Applicant: Gerald Mballe Special Olympics Italy David Evangelista
Applicant: Khalida Popal Girl Power Denmark Christina Tønder Bell
Applicant: Adnan Abdul Ghani Support Group Network Sweden Adnan Abdul Ghani
Applicant: Ronnei Devon and Cornwall Refugee Support UK Suvi Rehell
Applicant: Ali Alizada RF-SISU VG (WEST) Sweden Ali Alizada
Applicant: Maqsood Rehman Part of Street Games Gothenborg, leader RF-SISU VG Sweden Maqsood Rehman
Applicant: Mohammad Zakaria 7hills for Social Development Jordan Jude Swearky
Applicant: Abduallah Al Nahhas UEFA Foundation for Children Georgia Abduallah Al Nahhas
Applicant: Abbas Ramezani Ping Pong Alkmaar Netherlands Mark Smith
Applicant: Muhammed Adil Bonyan for Youth and Development legally registered as BÜNYAN GENÇLİK VE KALKINMA DERNEĞİ Turkey Muhammed Adil
Applicant: Shirith Kasher The Alley Runners Athletics Club Israel Shirith Kasher
Applicant: Mattia Piffaretti whatSport Association / Project "La République des Sports" Switzerland Mattia Piffaretti
Applicant: Iya Matthew Carthage ABC soccer Academy in Uganda Uganda Iya Matthew
Applicant: Bettina Schuler Citizen2be Germany Bettina Schuler
Applicant: Ajay Dudeja PING PONG CLUB India Ajay Dudeja
Applicant: Malish James WFP Storyteller Uganda Malish James
Applicant: Sohaila Shojayie Yoga and Sport with Refugees Greece Nina de Winter
Applicant: Faruk Ahmed Lakatamia municipal Cyprus Faruk Ahmed
Applicant: Ali Alizada RF-SISU Västra Götaland Sweden Hanna Johansson
Applicant: Hanna Johansson Denmark Nagin Ravand

*Please note that Khalida Popal is in the IRTS Awards jury. As she/her organisation has also been nominated for awards, we have made sure that she has not been voting in those categories.